• Online registration: Today- April 20, 2021

  • Online judging: April 23 – 29, 2021

  • Notification of results: April 30, 2021

  • Award ceremony: June 6, 2021

Material Required

Online registration

Today- April 20, 2021

1. Description: The text needs a minimum of 300 letters to a maximum of 500 letters in Chinese, and minimum of 1000 letters to a maximum of 2000 letters in English (incl. spaces) and should not be promotional. Explaining design’s creativity, functionality and concept.
2. Image: 3-5; 300dpi; A4;white background preferred; JPG/PNG format.


V-Award is open to global designers and enterprises. Any design concepts that have not entered the production and sales session, not customer projects or not yet implemented customer projects prior to 30 April, 2021 are welcome to participate. All entries shall be original.


  • 01 Stationery and Office Supplies

    Teaching aids, stationery, writing implements, correction tools, document-storage supplies, office supplies, notebooks, drawing tools, self-learning devices, behavior modification devices, etc.

  • 02 Office Furniture and Appliances

    Tables, chairs, cabinets, table lamps, etc.

  • 03 Digital Household Appliances

    Office appliances, computers and information technologies, mobilephones and accessories, etc.

  • 04 Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories

    Watches and accessories, clothing and accessories, shoes, luggage and bags, umbrellas, etc.

  • 05 Cultural and Creative Daily Necessities

    Daily commodities, storage supplies, cleaning and protective supplies (i.e. face masks, disposable gloves, safety goggles), etc.

  • 06 Educational Tools

    Educational toys for preschool children, educational games, teaching chess, toys, magic props, etc.

  • 07 Smart Products

    Text-to-Speech devices, translation devices, smart devices, intelligent assistants, chatting robots, etc.

  • 08 Packaging

    The packaging of stationery and cultural and creative products, etc.

  • 09 Other Cultural and Creative Products

    New materials, cultural tourism product, other learning tools, etc.


The prize pool totaling RMB 1 million yuan is for:


10 Gold Winners RMB 50, 000 yuan for each Trophy and certificate
50 Silver Winners RMB 10,000 yuan for each Certificate
Winners   Certificate

Judging Criteria

  • Degree of Innovation: unique perspectives and creative ideas, improvements in current product’s quality.

  • Seduction: comfortable, beautiful and harmonious sense in look, color, and other elements.

  • Functionality: suitable for users’ physical and mental needs; consistency in materials, forms and non-material values.

  • Commerciality: suitable for market and potential for mass-production and more market shares, meet users’ need.

  • Connotation: offer users with various experiences in appealing, emotion except basic utility.

  • Ecological Compatibility: balance in materials, material cost, technology, and energy consumption; consideration in recycling; meeting the requirements in environmental protection, energy saving and low cost, etc.

Explanation Rights of Judging

Following the principle of fairness, justice and transparency, the V-Award committee will communicate the periodical and final results on V-Award websites and other media platform.

The V-Award committee withholds the final interpretation and jurisdiction. If there is any dispute over the designs, one can contact the committee and provide relevant proofs (documents indicating plagiarism). Once confirmed, the award winners will be deprived of the qualification, the Certificate of Merit and trophy will be revoked.

OrganiSer's Rights

If necessary, the organiser has the right to adjust the number of certain awards, cancel or add certain awards.
The organiser enjoys the rights to exhibit all participating products for V-Award, including both entries and award winners.