A Fast-track for Design Concepts, the first Vanch Design Award 2021 Kicks off


As the industry develops, China’s cultural and creative industry is gradually making its way to the international market and becoming an influential market player. To promote the development of China's cultural and creative design industry and incubate more outstanding stationery design concepts, Vanch Design Award (hereinafter referred to as V-Award), aims at collecting global design concepts of stationery as well as cultural and creativity industry, hoping to provide winners with excellent services from design concept to mass-production. With a professional team experienced in managing global competitions, and the solid industrial strengths of stationery in the east of Zhejiang Province, V-Award will play a crucial role in design copyright service, turning winning ideas into concrete products and then going to global market. V-Award is organized by China Writing Instrument Association and Beilun District People’s Government of Ningbo, and co-organized by Ningbo Cultural Industry Promotion Association, Zhejiang Province Cultural and Creative Industry Innovation Service Complex, Beifa Group and Ningbo Radio and TV Group.

On November 23rd, the launching ceremony of the first V-Award 2021 and the "2020 Asia Stationery and Cultural Creative Design Seminar" was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Many stationery companies, designers, manufacturers, cultural, creative and stationery experts gathered together to witness the launch of this Award. "Today marks a grand event for designers and a cultural feast, where the visionary cultural ideas and creativity of international top design masters encounter and inspire each other.

During the launching ceremony, the organizing committee introduced the arrangements for the first V-Award 2021, which started to call for entries from global designers and enterprises from now and the online registration will end on April 20th 2021. The award features nine categories, covering stationery and office supplies, packaging, digital household appliances, office furniture and appliances and etc. The winning works will not only receive a substantial amount of money award and a certificate, but also a number of exclusive winner services provided by the organizers.

As Mr. Qiu Zhiming, Chairman of Beifa Group and Vice Chairman of China Writing Instrument Association, said: "China is undergoing consumption upgrading, global good design comes to China. Through the bridge of V-Award and with the help of the Zhejiang Cultural and Creative Industry Complex, good ideas can be connected with all kinds of resources, find partners for collaboration and the value of creative design will be fully tapped."

Meanwhile, the organizers also invited three international jury members to share their pioneering views on international stationery and creative design trends during the "2020 Asia Stationery and Cultural Creative Design Seminar", which was held right after the launching ceremony.

Insights from World Top Jury on Domestic and International Stationery, Cultural and Creative Design Trend

Three jurors were invited to the "2020 Asia Stationery and Creative Design Workshop ", namely, Prof. He Renke, Mr. Kazuo Tanaka and Mr. Sean Shih, all of whom have more than 10 years of experience in the design and stationery industry. Professor He Renke has been committing to design education for decades; Mr. Kazuo Tanaka has been a consultant and advisor to many international design projects while Mr. Sean Shih has been curating many national-level exhibitions. The three jurors pooled years of professional experience together, sharing the audience with many award-winning products and case studies to provide an insight into global stationery and creative design trend.

Professor He Renke introduced the latest trends in regional culture design and explained how to incorporate regional culture into innovative design through a number of case studies; Mr. Kazuo Tanaka believes that the future of stationery and creative design in Japan are threefold – the trend of digital innovation, the trend of design for the service industry, and the trend of more ethical considerations in design, in short, digital innovation, customer needs satisfaction and sustainable development. He believes that if stationery and creative design hopes to be successful, the incorporation of the unique national culture into modern design is the future. In this regard, V-Award is highly consistent with this trend; Mr. Sean Shih highlighted that to upgrade the stationery and creative industry, design should be seen as a corporate strategy, and he presented and explained how design can drive the brand value with several case studies.

World Top Jury with Holistic Judging Standards, Good Design Stands Well to the Test

The organizing committee has invited leading experts in stationery, cultural and creative design from China, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Chinese Taipei as well as other countries and regions to form an international jury, who will select each submitted work with an international perspective and stringent standards. They have established judging criteria in 6 aspects, including “degree of innovation, seduction, functionality, commerciality, connotation, and ecological compatibility”, and will select the outstanding design in a holistic, impartial and logical view.

8 Exclusive Winner Services, Helping the Award-winning Products to Gain Market Success

In addition to the money reward, trophies and certificates, the winning works will be endowed with eight exclusive winners services provided by the organizers, including copyright protection, product proofing, promotion in top-level design media, recommendation to international awards, copyright trade, access to sales and manufacturing channels, etc. In this way, winning designs can enjoy the fast-track of the industry chain and turning their design concepts into market-leading products.

10 Gold Winners

Trophy and certificate

RMB 50, 000 yuan for each

50 Silver Winners


RMB 10, 000 yuan for each



The application for the first V-Award 2021 ends on April 20th, 2021. We sincerely welcome your participation. For more information on the award, please follow the official WeChat Account "v-award2020".

Further information on the categories and other award details are available on the official platforms:

Official website:www.v-award.com

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